StartUp Insurance by AXA

199€ Flat rate on your insurance during 3 years

AXA supports new businesses related with technology and innovation. We want your enterprise to have the best protection from the beginning. With the AXA StartUp insurance, from only € 199 you will have the essential things for your StartUp covered and we will maintain the price during the 3 first years of the company.

The AXA StartUp Insurance is made up of the following covers:

-Data Protection Liability
-Data Protection sanctions
-Start Up Liability including:
-General Liability
-Product Liability
-Professional Liability
-Virus atacks Liability

If due to the characteristics of your Start Up you have more needs, you can hire other coverages such as Accidents and Tenancy Liability or increase the sums insured of this package.

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Type of deal: The only insurance in the market designed for the beginnings of a Start Up, and with a flat rate of 199€ during 3 years.

Offer ends in: 30/06/2020

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