Discounted Simulation Software Bundles

Industry-leading engineering simulation software for virtual prototypes and testing.

ANSYS, the industry leader for engineering simulation software works with 96 of the top 100 industrial customers on the Fortune 500 list and over 40,000 customers worldwide. ANSYS enables customers to predict with confidence that their products will thrive in the real world. Industry leaders use ANSYS to simulate complete virtual prototypes of complex products and systems - comprised of mechanical, electronics and embedded software components - which incorporate all the physical phenomena that exist in real-world environments.

5 Key Benefits:
1. Reduce manufacturing, materials, warranty, and prototype costs.
2. Reduce time to market.
3. Validate technology, prove real-world functionality, and gain further funding.
4. Work with the industry leader in all major physics.
5. Work with largest simulation company in the world with 450+ PHD level engineers working on support and development and 700 support engineers.

Discount staggered based off startup's individual funding and revenue.

Type of deal: Discount

Offer ends in: 31/12/2017

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