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Free Email Marketing for Startups 3 months, 35% OFF for a year or double your credits.

Doppler is an Email Marketing web app, that allows you to reach the inbox of your Subscribers in a direct, fast and personalized way. Plus, it enables the possibility to target audiences, to viralize your Emails in Social Media and to measure the results thanks to the multiple reports.

It has a strong presence in Latin America and owns different offices located in EEUU, Argentina and Mexico. In addition it counts with several partners (representation offices) in Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ecuador and Spain. It has the best omnichannel customer support in Spanish, what makes it the most used Email Marketing web app in Latin America.

As part of the Wayra Startup program, you can have a special deal to start sending Email Campaigns to your Suscribers. We offer you 3 months free and at the end of your period you can get 35% OFF for a year in Monthly Plans, or double your credits in Prepaid Plans.

Type of deal: 3 months free trial, no credit cards or contracts needed, plus 35% OFF for a year in Monthly Plans or double your credits in Prepaid Plans, after trial expires.

Offer ends in: 31/12/2018

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