$ 2.000

Airtable for Startups

Spreadsheet, meet database. Organize anything, with anyone, from anywhere.
$ 2.000

Airtable combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the power of database. Entrepreneurs use Airtable to build MVPs, fill in the gaps between other tools, and develop custom workflows to manage processes like product launches, user research, content marketing, event fundraising outreach.

Open Future startups have not access to $2000 Airtable credit.

Conditions: One credit redemption per company.
Note: existing Airtable customers are also eligible! Just fill out the form and use the email address associated with your Airtable account.

More info about the product: https://airtable.com/product

Type of deal: 2.000$ in credits

Offer ends in: 31/12/2030

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