$ 50.000

Segment for Startups

$50,000 in credits and $1M in deals
$ 50.000

Segment is an analytics platform used by 20,000+ companies to collect data from their web & mobile apps and integrate 250+ analytics & growth tools. Integrating with best-in-class tools is as easy as flipping a switch.

Segment's Startup Program comes with three value adds:
1. $50,000 in Segment Credits (vs. $25,000 offered to startups not part of an associated accelerator)
2. $1,000,000 in partner deals to build a best-in-class analytics and marketing stack.
3. "Analytics for Startups" Office Hours, a 1 hour class to learn how to set up a funnel and metrics.

You are eligible if your company is
• Less than 24 months since founding
• Raised less than $5M USD

Type of deal: 50.000$ in credits

Offer ends in: 30/06/2030

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